Welcome to the site for The Bull Moose Game. The game that's taking the world by storm. In the future this site will provide players with the opportunity to register themselves, search for other players in the area, post videos of other players getting Bull Moosed, and much more. For now, you can at least check out some general information and the rules below... if you think you can handle it.

Why Should I Play Bull Mooose?

Bull Moose simply put is the greatest lifetime game you will ever play. It is the only game that will change your life forever in the most positive way you can imagine. Without this game you will go through life wondering what could have been.

Rules of Bull Moose:


  1. Player - Any person who has committed to playing Bull Moose for the rest of their life.
  2. Caller - A player who recognizes another player drinking with their dominant hand.
  3. Drinker - A player who has committed a violation and is paying the penalty.
  4. Dominant Hand - The hand that you use to write with.
  5. Drinking Hand - Your non-dominant hand and the hand you will drink with for the rest of your life.
  6. The Call - When a caller says "Bull Moose" to a player after noticing a violation.
  7. Violation - When a player drinks with their dominant hand.
  8. Penalty - The result of a caught violation. The standard penalty is to chug the beverage that was drank with the dominant hand.

General Rules:

  1. All players must for the rest of their life drink every beverage they ever drink from their drinking hand.
  2. If another player (the caller) catches a player drinking with their dominant hand they must call "Bull Moose" on that player.
  3. A non-player can NEVER be a caller. Calls may only be made by those people playing. Furthermore a non-player may not become a player and then make a call on a violation that occured prior to the decision to join the game.
  4. If a caller does not make an immediate attempt to approach the other player and make the Bull Moose call they lose the right to make the call. In the event that a caller notices a violation from across the room, they are still able to make the call as long as they do not make an attempt to do anything else but approach the player and make the call.
  5. If a player is caught drinking with their dominant hand by a caller, he/she must become a drinker and pay the penalty.
  6. Upon making the call the caller has unlimited rights to talk as much trash as he/she would like to the drinker until the drink is completed. Upon finishing the drink the caller may still talk trash to the drinker at a reasonable level. Remember, this is a game played by gentlemen and respectable ladies. No douches allowed.
  7. In the event that the beverage in question is such that the drinker feels it would cause immediate harm to the drinker if he/she were to pay the penalty, the drinker may opt to not fulfill the penalty. However this must be considered carefully for if the caller or any other players feel differently about the beverage in question, those players reserve the right to talk as much trash as they want for the duration of your playing career.

Clarification of Rules/Scenarios:

  1. The Straw Rule - In the event that a player is drinking a drink with a straw there are two ways that player can commit a violation. The first method is by holding the glass with the dominant hand. Even if the player holds the straw with the drinking hand, the hand on the glass takes priority and a violation has occurred. The second method would be if a player does not touch the glass but chooses to hold the straw with the dominant hand.
  2. The Chug Rule - The penalty must be paid in a reasonable amount of time. All players watching a drinker pay the penalty should encourage that player to chug the drink. Depending on the drink it might be inevitable that the player will need to pause throughout the chug. These pauses should be kept to a minimum in quantity and duration. In addition there may be no other activity done during the pause by the drinker such as eating or speaking more than to say such things as "you suck" and "this is so much drink" or "i hate you". Conversation by the drinker during the pause is never permitted.


There is only one way and one way only to quit Bull Moose. To quit Bull Moose a player must take out a Full Page Ad in the New York Times. Please note that if a player fulfills this requirement that player must be treated with reverence from all other players and should never receive any trash talk for quitting or for any previous violations from their playing career.

If there are ever any questions or concerns regarding the game or any of the rules, please contact info@bullmoosegame.com.